Friday, January 1, 2010

Sramana Mitra - YouTube links

Sramana Mitra


1)      Sectors where we see activity (participant)

2)      Huge energy in the IIT campus

3)      Next level of visibility required for entrepreneurship

4)      Silicon Valley model

5)      Healthier approach to failure required

6)      Power of the media

7)      Business family success cannot be role model

8)      Potential of successful technology startups (participant)

9)      Media can help bridge the gaps

10)  Observations about education

11)  Financing piece of entrepreneurship

12)  Can the four big players bring some momentum to entrepreneurship

13)  Product marketing skills lacking among entrepreneurs

14)  Entrepreneurs have to be allowed to fail

15)  We need role models

16)  Highlighting of startups in the media

17)  Reminiscing Kolkata experience

18)  Do newspapers showcase entrepreneurs

19)  Blocks that experienced people face when thinking of entrepreneurship

20)  Tribal knowledge that needed to be made portable

21)  Mentoring of entrepreneurs

22)  Examples of inspiring stories -- solar power

23)  Raising a lot of venture capital is the surest way to lose control

24)  There are many options of enterprise financing

25)  Weapon of Mass Reconstruction -- the US edition of the Bootstrapping book

26)  Bootstrap in the early stages

27)  VC industry in the US going through restructuring

28)  Vision India 2020 -- Forthcoming business fiction with 45 ideas

29)  Lessons from the history of Silicon Valley

30)  Internet business broke open the VC industry

31)  Culture of failure

32)  Entrepreneurial energy that I feel today among the young

33)  Are there examples of senior citizens as entrepreneurs

34)  Case of sugarcane juice enterprise in Bangalore (participant)

35)  Interns to pursue different topics

36)  Chip on the shoulder that entrepreneurs need

37)  Changes in entrepreneurship ecosystem (participant)

38)  Entry barrier that startup faces in placement market (participant)

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