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SWIFT Business Forum - YouTube links

SWIFT Business Forum


1)      Towards the venue, on a rainy morning

2)      Overcast sky, fears of cyclone

3)      Core banking, and SME solutions (Paniker)

4)      SaaS solution for HRM (Paniker)

5)      How SWIFT will add value to our bank clients (John)

6)      Tier 2, 3 banks looking for core banking solutions (John)

7)      SWIFT Indian community (Sandra)

8)      Community participation in the Forums (Charles)

9)      Opening remarks (Ian)

10)  Role of Indian community of SWIFT users (Ian)

11)  What the focus on infrastructure means to finance (Arun, Ian)

12)  Healthcare, education -- other areas that matter to finance (Arun, Ian)

13)  Views on economic growth rate, inflation (Arun, Ian)

14)  Adapting to newer business models (Shapiro)

15)  Five fundamental factors (Shapiro)

16)  Regulatory regime providing a stable environment (Shapiro)

17)  Open to participants setting up business in the country (Shapiro)

18)  Competition in the stock exchange space (Shapiro)

19)  Other asset classes that BSE will be trading in (Shapiro)

20)  Broad observations (Shapiro)

21)  Promise of financial services sector to be a leading force in economic growth (Shapiro)

22)  About inflation (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

23)  More on inflation (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

24)  Fiscal consolidation (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

25)  Players in financial services (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

26)  Comparison of India and Belgium (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

27)  Financial inclusion will positively impact economic growth (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

28)  Technology can reduce cost of services (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

29)  Low retail participation in the stock markets (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

30)  Integrating with global markets (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

31)  Training and education initiatives of BSE (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

32)  KYC norms (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

33)  Will we have a W curve (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

34)  Belgium-India comparison (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

35)  A problem that is yet to be resolved -- US economy (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

36)  High quality of people in Indian banking (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

37)  Do we need global or national solutions (Ian, Sridhar, Jean, Jim)

38)  How SWIFT can assist MFs (Milind)

39)  Three aspects where SWIFT can make the difference (Amitabh)

40)  Solutions offered by IDBI Intech (N. Balaji)

41)  Strengthening technology (Amin)

42)  Interactions with clients facilitated by SWIFT (M. Venkateswaran)

43)  One of the problems that exporters face (Arun)

44)  Technology should reach each and every person (Shashikant)

45)  Growth and potential of mutual funds in India (Deepa)

46)  Challenges faced by MF industry (Deepa)

47)  Characteristics of Indian mutual fund industry (Deepa)

48)  Synchronisation needed among regulations governing financial services (Deepa)

49)  Pressure on asset managers (Deepa)

50)  Quality of advice in MF (Deepa)

51)  Outlook for the MF industry (Deepa)

52)  Recent high-impact developments (Deepa)

53)  Newer platforms (Deepa)

54)  Complicated procedures in MFs (Deepa)

55)  Way forward for MF (Deepa)

56)  Low cost operation models, analytics in MFs (Deepa)

57)  Optimising operating costs and managing risks in MF (Deepa)

58)  MFs are surrogates of market (Charles, Kurian, Deepa)

59)  Banks an integral part of MF growth (Charles, Kurian, Deepa)

60)  Standards, an area where SWIFT can contribute (Charles, Kurian, Deepa)

61)  Question from the floor (Charles, Kurian, Deepa)

62)  Increase in financial literacy can lead to MF growth (Charles, Kurian, Deepa)

63)  Technology must be leveraged (Charles, Kurian, Deepa)

64)  Question on trade identification (Charles, Kurian, Deepa)

65)  Expectations from the platform (Charles, Kurian, Deepa)

66)  Solutions that partners bring (Lisa)

67)  Partner presentation-1

68)  Partner presentation-2

69)  Partner presentation-3

70)  Partner presentation-4

71)  Partner presentation-5

72)  Partner presentation-6

73)  Partner presentation-7

74)  Partner presentation-8

75)  Partner presentation-9

76)  Partner presentation-10

77)  Partner presentation-11

78)  Partner presentation-12

79)  Partner presentation-13

80)  Partner presentation-14

81)  Market will correct 5 to 7 per cent within 2 weeks (Mishra)

82)  How is Indian market different from other markets (Mishra)

83)  Ease of operation for customer is key (I. Ganesh)

84)  Impact of extended trading hours (Mishra)

85)  Opening remarks (Dilip Oak)

86)  Overview (Dilip Oak)

87)  Opening remarks (K. Ganesh)

88)  About the company (K. Ganesh)

89)  Single bank operation (K. Ganesh)

90)  Operations in countries with high credit risk (K. Ganesh)

91)  SOX compliance and its implications (K. Ganesh)

92)  Resistance to change, when deciding on a bank (K. Ganesh)

93)  Needs when company operations grow (K. Ganesh)

94)  Global cash pool (K. Ganesh)

95)  Relevance of STP (K. Ganesh)

96)  Challenge with e-invoice (K. Ganesh)

97)  Choice of bank by employees (K. Ganesh)

98)  Standardisation of file format (K. Ganesh)

99)  Shifting from one bank to another (Franck, K. Ganesh)

100)                      Cross-border remittances (Franck, K. Ganesh)

101)                      Communicating with banks (Blair)

102)                      Addresses a variety of business processes (Blair)

103)                      Different types of services (Blair)

104)                      Implementation of standards (Blair)

105)                      Next-generation requirements (Blair)

106)                      ISO 20022 in production (Blair)

107)                      Networks of banks and corporates (Blair)

108)                      How SWIFT is used (Blair)

109)                      Question about standards in progress (Blair)

110)                      Why we need standardisation (Participant)

111)                      Will the newer interfaces impact banking applications (Participant)

112)                      Feedback from corporates (Franck)

113)                      Where is my cash, a key question of corporates (Franck)

114)                      Standards and messaging (Franck)

115)                      On messaging (Franck)

116)                      Optimisation goals of corporates (Franck)

117)                      Financial services provided by banks (Franck)

118)                      FIN traffic growth (Franck)

119)                      Asia-Pacific shows fastest recovery (Franck)

120)                      Pricing is on the higher side (Participant)

121)                      Cooperative banks and their growth (Shanbhag)

122)                      Workshop introduction (Payments)

123)                      Opening remarks (Sachin Khandelwal)

124)                      Corporate action (Abhijit Pai)

125)                      What's new in securities market (Abhijit Pai)

126)                      On extending trading hours (Abhijit Pai)

127)                      Will BSE provide all info about corporate action (Participant)

128)                      Proposed flow of corporate action (Abhijit Pai)

129)                      Phases of work relating to corporate action (Abhijit Pai)

130)                      Question about algo trading (Abhijit Pai)

131)                      Landscape of Indian securities services market (M. Venkateswaran)

132)                      Steps towards integration (M. Venkateswaran)

133)                      Challenges (M. Venkateswaran)

134)                      Pilots that are on (Ravi Subramanian)

135)                      Mutual fund industry (V. Ganesh)

136)                      One of the most regulated industries is MF (V. Ganesh)

137)                      MF evolution - past and present (V. Ganesh)

138)                      Operational and other challenges (V. Ganesh)

139)                      Challenges (V. Ganesh)

140)                      Way forward (V. Ganesh)

141)                      Share of household savings (Ashok Suvarna)

142)                      Benefits through SWIFT (Ashok Suvarna)

143)                      Implications of extended trading hours (Ashok Suvarna)

144)                      Operational challenges (Ashok Suvarna)

145)                      Customer looks at capital protection (Ashok Suvarna)

146)                      Do we have adequate financial literacy (Ashok Suvarna)

147)                      Domestic product to invest overseas (Ashok Suvarna)

148)                      Any comments on associating with academia (Abhijit)

149)                      Clinical practice model required in B-schools (Girish)

150)                      Performance and growth (Premasiri Ratnayake)

151)                      Shared service infrastructure (Premasiri Ratnayake)

152)                      Plans for expanding branch network (Rohan Perera)

153)                      Development centre in Chennai (Girisha Neeraje)

154)                      Complexity of technology vs business (Girisha Neeraje)

155)                      Collaboration in innovation (Matteo Rizzi)

156)                      What is innovation (Matteo Rizzi)

157)                      Standardisation brings opportunity for expanded business (Matteo Rizzi)

158)                      Difference that SWIFT enjoys (Matteo Rizzi)

159)                      Views on security (Matteo Rizzi)

160)                      Catching up with newer technologies, such as social networking (Matteo Rizzi)

161)                      Main takeaways (Ian)

162)                      Localisation theme (Ian)

163)                      Community driving SWIFT to become more inclusive (Ian)

164)                      Role of regulators of financial services (Ian)

165)                      Expanding beyond proprietary standards (Ian)

166)                      Driving down cost is a main driver for SWIFT (Ian)

167)                      Mix of participants made dialogue possible (Arun)

168)                      Talking to regulators (Arun)

169)                      Standards are the starting point towards automating (Arun)

170)                      Need for standardisation in mutual funds (Arun)

171)                      Supporting Asia's growth, a priority (Beth Smits)

172)                      Use of Web 2 dot oh in SWIFT (Beth Smits)

173)                      Using lamp-posts for illuminated ads, a scene while returning


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