Sunday, December 20, 2009

Starcom MediaVest - YouTube links

Starcom MediaVest


1)      Top thoughts

2)      Growth happening both in online and traditional media

3)      Outlook for Indian newspaper industry

4)      Players in newspaper industry have to put their heads together

5)      Perspectives on Google, as a consumer and a professional

6)      Huge opportunity to put brands in movies

7)      A lot of CEOs now are not ex-CMOs, as earlier

8)      Marketing potential in social networking

9)      Blogs as a marketing strategy

10)  Value that consumers give to views of peers vs company statements

11)  Recent initiatives

12)  Does the agency get the credit for results

13)  Needs of SMEs

14)  Reaching out to rural consumers

15)  Now the TV soaps are of a different kind

16)  What the current generation looks for

17)  Organised retail vs mom-and-pop stores

18)  Kanden Kadalai, a recent example of in-movie advertising (Rajesh)

19)  Promos that Aircel made around the movie

20)  How placement works in Hollywood

21)  Working on large format music events, with Indian and foreign content

22)  Festival to create platform for bands

23)  Leveraging the last 3 minutes of consumer's indecision at the store (Kaushik)

24)  Partnering with brands to deliver customer experience

25)  Design of 'The Hive' as a demo centre for spatial designing, which is about people and not space

26)  Branding in the digital space (Suyesh)

27)  Observations about trends in the South (Narendra)

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