Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rohit Biddappa, Prabhakaran - YouTube links

Rohit Biddappa, Prabhakaran


1)      Our vision is to create a global tool room

2)      Automation, a foundation for growth

3)      Being process-driven reduces the impact of disruptions

4)      Performance of mould decided at the design stage

5)      Even larger companies can benefit from best practices in mid-size enterprises

6)      Secret behind the success of automation

7)      Human errors minimised through automation

8)      Testing and implementation explained

9)      Plans to offer our design automation experience as a product

10)  We encourage customers to document process implementation

11)  Support from software vendors

12)  Industry lags in handling data

13)  Teaching of process culture in campuses

14)  Cost optimisation

15)  The China challenge

16)  Products from China vs India

17)  Creating basic data key to success of automation

18)  Advantages of automation

19)  Project work in technology education

20)  How to encourage R and D

21)  Ways to create innovative environment in companies

22)  Need for incentives to engage in R and D

23)  Brochure explained

24)  Advice to entrepreneurs

25)  Indian vs Foreign customers

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