Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ramanan R. V. - YouTube links

Ramanan R. V.


1)      Top thoughts

2)      IT service providers have to constantly look for newer avenues

3)      We are continuing to hire

4)      Customer expectations

5)      Services, products, solution frameworks

6)      Shared services model

7)      Observations about today's talent

8)      What can academia do to make students market-ready

9)      Who are the early adopters of technology, the smaller or larger enterprises

10)  Verticals currently focused on, and the emerging vertical

11)  ERP story

12)  Indian market is not an experimental market

13)  Recent projects

14)  Key components of delivery

15)  Technology for the travel industry

16)  BI and analytics a growth area

17)  Visual dashboards

18)  Reminiscing the floral industry experience

19)  Cloud tie-up for testing

20)  Addressing security concerns about cloud

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