Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nirvikar Singh - YouTube links

Nirvikar Singh


1)      Top thoughts

2)      Connections between political and economic development

3)      Equality without growth doesn't get us far

4)      Economic decision making at the national and state levels

5)      Local governments have to be strengthened

6)      Scope for greater devolution of power to states

7)      Sufficient revenue lacking for local and rural government institutions such as panchayats

8)      Accountability of states can be ensured by citizens and media, rather than through national level policies

9)      Biggest paradox in India is of a booming services sector and stagnant manufacturing

10)  Recent problems of Punjab are about state-level governance

11)  Okay to import rice, if we can export software

12)  Food security vs self-sufficiency

13)  NREG scheme has succeeded in putting purchasing power in the hands of rural power

14)  Private sector should be allowed to expand higher education

15)  On economics education in campuses

16)  India's greatest need is to give high-school education to as many citizens as possible

17)  Mitigating gender inequality in rural India

18)  Need to focus on developing second and third tier cities

19)  Obama deliberately moving away from the arrogance of Bush approach

20)  Does economic writing filter to vernacular media

21)  Studies on national e-governance

22)  My next book is on Rural IT in India

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