Sunday, December 20, 2009

G. V. Mani - YouTube links

G. V. Mani


1)      Top thoughts

2)      Will Dubai crisis cascade

3)      A perspective on economic recovery

4)      India as a destination for global business

5)      Competitive advantage of India

6)      China and India continue to attract attention

7)      Our world of KPO

8)      Evolution of KPO

9)      Support to in-house research teams of clients

10)  Research work for smaller enterprises and startups

11)  Broad verticals

12)  Examples of success for clients

13)  The question of getting analyst's name in the report

14)  The candidate we look for

15)  Skill-sets that are relevant to our work

16)  Advantages delivered to clients

17)  Complexity of financial products

18)  CAs, MBAs and CPAs in the team

19)  Students can use project work as opportunity to connect with real world

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