Sunday, December 20, 2009

Atul Kapoor - YouTube links

Atul Kapoor

1 of 19-Inspiration from Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, and Institute of Rural Management Anand

2 of 19-Journey in PSI

3 of 19-Current project is about building value-added models of private-public partnerships

4 of 19-Need for the involvement of private sector in the fight against HIV-AIDS

5 of 19-Star Health and Allied Insurance has a unique product for people living with HIV

6 of 19-Fine-tuning the product by working with Star to make the offering more affordable and suitable

7 of 19-Helping HIV patients in meeting hospitalisation costs

8 of 19-Breaking the price barrier by lowering the cost of entry

9 of 19-Milestones achieved in the different states

10 of 19-Insurance is a less understood product, especially among HIV-AIDS patients

11 of 19-Risk management by adopting community-based insurance approach

12 of 19-Benefits of Government-sponsored insurance schemes

13 of 19-HIV-AIDS can move up in the CSR agenda of companies

14 of 19-Open to exploring social networking for spreading awareness

15 of 19-School syllabus can factor in current realities of life

16 of 19-Social marketing continues to evolve

17 of 19-Programmes in different parts of the country

18 of 19-All the work PSI does is evidence-based

19 of 19-Audit and evaluation of programmes

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