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SWIFT Business Forum

SWIFT Business Forum
November 11, 2009, 9 am to 5 pm (ITC Maratha, Mumbai) Topics


Murali said...

8.15 – 9.00 Registrations open
9.00 – 9.10 SWIFT Welcome
Ian Johnston, Chief Executive, Asia Pacific, SWIFT
9.10 – 10.30 Opening Plenary and Big Issue Debate – One year on: uncertainty or recovery?
A new order is emerging from the crisis that puts the world on edge. The global
financial landscape is changing and drives a very different economic climate for India
and the Subcontinent. The world speculates that we will be the engine of growth,
leading the way out of the recession tunnel.
Plenary speakers:
> S. Sridhar, Chairman & MD, Central Bank of India
> James Shapiro, Head, Market Development, Bombay Stock Exchange
> S. Sridhar, Chairman & MD, Central Bank of India
> Jean-Joel Schittecatte, Consul General, Consulate of Belgium
Moderator: Ian Johnston, Chief Executive, Asia Pacific, SWIFT
Host: Arun Tiwari, Head, India and Subcontinent, SWIFT
10.30 – 11.00 Coffee break
11.00 – 11.30 The promise of mutual funds: How it can be realised
India's mutual fund industry has resumed its rapid expansion, following the 2008 stock
market crash. New money disappeared and outflows became torrential in the last
quarter of 2008, leaving several Indian asset managers on shaky ground. However, the
market's rebound has reversed the flood and new players are starting to appear. During
May 2009, assets under management in India rose by 15%, and by June, five firms
had obtained provisional permission from regulators to start new mutual fund
businesses. Despite the lull in business shortly after the crash, asset managers remain
bullish about the future of mutual funds in India.
> Dr. A.P Kurian, Chairman of the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI)
11.30 – 12.15 Meet the partners
As valued members of the SWIFT community, partners play a key role in helping you
to get the most from your investment in SWIFT. In this session you will meet the
partners who are exhibiting at the SWIFT Business Forum. They will give you an
overview of what they are presenting and demonstrating in the Solutions zone and
how they can help you grow your business.
Lisa Sung, Manager, Partner Relations, Asia Pacific, SWIFT
12.15 – 1.30 Lunch

Murali said...

1.30 – 3.00 Workshop 1
Introduction to SWIFT
— Beneficial for all who
are new to the SWIFT
— An essential guide to
SWIFT, its system, its
standards, the possibilities
of the SWIFTNet platform,
the value of the SWIFT
solutions, and the key
components that make up
payments and securities
clearing systems
— Find out how SWIFT
applies for the different
customer segments
> Zelda Anthony,
Relationship Manager,
Australia and South
Pacific, SWIFT
> Rajshree Shishodia,
Relationship Manager,
India and Sub-continent,

Workshop 2
Technology and
— Understand the faster
time-to benefits behind
enabling integration of
business applications with
— Leverage your existing
business applications to
reduce risks and
maintenance costs
— Learn about XML
implementations from a
bank’s point of view
— Get the details of the
new connectivity options
now available from
> Dilip Oak, General
Manager, Operations and
Trading, Bombay Stock
> Ashish Banerjee,
Technologist, SUN
> Patrick Yeh, Head of
Sales Services, Asia
Pacific, SWIFT

Workshop 3
Global trends in cash
management for
corporates and banks
— Examine the future
trends and key drivers in
the cash management
— Hear from a global
financial institution how
SWIFT connectivity can
improve the overall cash
and risk management
process, and thus bring
significant advantage to
corporate customers and
the overall industry
— Find out more
about the tools available
to corporates to streamline
their treasury processes
and how one corporate has
managed its globalisation
and centralisation project
to improve customer
service, increase business
returns and better manage
— Learn from a bank
executive how they are
using SWIFT applications
to increase automation,
improve customer service
and business performance.
> Rajendran , General
Manager, Union Bank of
> Robert Blair ,
Executive Director - Core
Cash Mgmt, Treasury
Services, J.P. Morgan
> K. Ganesh , Vice
President, Dr. Reddy's
> Franck de Praetere,
Head of South East Asia,

3.00 – 3.30 Coffee break

Murali said...

Workshop 4
Innotribe Lab
— At the centre of
leveraging the collective
intelligence of its
community, Innotribe
focuses on gathering new
ideas and new projects and
then establishing the
infrastructure that will
enable them to grow.
— This Innotribe Lab will
build on the winning idea
at Sibos, eMe, and the new
applications in the B2B
and B2C space that eMe
will enable. eMe is a
digital vault able to gather
and safeguard personal and
financial information of
individuals and
corporations, that financial
applications could use to
streamline and ease some
of the business processes
that requires identity
management (Identity as a
Service) as well as to
bridge transaction based
services in a more
performing way.
eMe is the potential
enabler of new ways to
manage worker

Workshop 5
We will cover both worker
remittances and payments
trends in this session:
Worker remittances
— Banks are getting back
to basics and are looking at
their fee-generating
transaction business in a
new light. The humble
remittance is about as
basic as it gets, but it
offers revenue generation
as well as a way to acquire
new customers and create
a platform to cross-sell the
other financial services
your customers require.
— This session will look
at banking industry
developments in
remittances, analyse what
it takes to be a winner in
ethnic banking, and look at
innovative new products,
services and marketing
techniques that are being
Payments trends
— How will the industry
meet the milestone of the

Workshop 6
Securities and funds
— Get the latest market
insight from industry
experts, with a focus on
how technology is key in
moving forward towards
recovery and cementing
India and the
Subcontinents as a hub for
the financial industry in
Asia Pacific.
— Learn more about cross
border funds distribution
for India and the
Subcontinent market.
— Be updated on the next
steps for automation in the
market of corporate
actions, securities
borrowing & lending
automation and proxy
> Dr. Sayee Srinivasan,
Head - Product Strategy,
Bombay Stock Exchange
> Diana Dhote, Head of
India, Custody Operations,
remittances transactions (if
we couple it with a mobile
device, for instance) as
well as to act as a central
gateway for all the ecommerce
transaction of
individuals. These are only
examples of application
fields where eMe could act
as a paradigm shift.
You can watch the pitch
made at Sibos for eMe for
more information. The
session is going to be
interactive, using a
framework to facilitate
collaboration and cocreation.
We will post
more information and links
on the India and
Subcontinent community
> Matteo Rizzi, Head of
Innovation, SWIFT
> Beth Smits, Head of
Communications, Asia
Pacific, SWIFT
> Patrick de Courcy,
Head of Markets &
Solutions, Asia Pacific,
Exceptions &
Investigations adoption
plan, which leads to the
decommissioning of FINrelated
messages by the
end of 2012?
— Speakers will share
their experiences in
implementing newly
developed off-the-shelf or
remote applications that
provide the users with the
necessary return. They will
explain why they believe
that every SWIFT member
can benefit from this costeffective
solution and why
it should be considered a
priority project by
financial institutions today.
> Alex Lee, Head,
Payment Solutions, Asia
Pacific, SWIFT
> Sachin Khandelwal,
Senior General Manager,
> Rajshree Shishodia,
Relationship Manager,
India and Sub-continent,
> Ashok Suvarna, Chief
Operating Officer, Birla
> V. Ganesh, Country
Head, Karvy
> Ravi Subramanian,
Relationship Manager,
India and Sub-continent,

5.00 Thank you remarks by Ian Johnston and cocktails

david said...

love to see this discussion! It’s great to see you all working through the issues and also, it’s great to see recommendations for testing. In the end, it’s what your actual users do and prefer that should be your biggest driver in making these decisions.

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