Sunday, November 8, 2009

Steven A. Miranda - YouTube links

Steven A. Miranda


1)      Biggest issue before HR today

2)      Diversity management

3)      Does HR get a seat in the boardroom

4)      Lessons from music for HR professionals

5)      How often do HR professionals mingle with other professionals

6)      What should be the core competency of the HR professional

7)      Making HR models accessible to people

8)      Observations about HR practices in India

9)      Investments vs costs in HR

10)  Key deliverable of HR function

11)  Concept of human capital quality

12)  External market brand and employment brand

13)  Issues of leadership

14)  Remarks about global culture

15)  Opportunity for HR

16)  Never give your personal power away

17)  First sin is to shirk accountability and adopt an advocacy position

18)  Example of call centre response

19)  Best practices vs national norms

20)  Attack, defence and other strategies in HR

21)  Pay attention to details

22)  Two questions you should ask yourself at the end of the day


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