Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ramakrishna N.K. and Smita Ramakrishna - YouTube links

Ramakrishna N.K. and Smita Ramakrishna


1)      Top challenges that RangDe faces

2)      Origins of the enterprise

3)      Complementary skills that the founders bring

4)      Is the profession of social work understood in India

5)      Finance, education and health should be addressed holistically

6)      Even social enterprise has to be run like a business, with discipline

7)      Myths about micro-credit

8)      Understanding the micro-entrepreneur

9)      The so-called 'developing' perception

10)  Denials that we live with

11)  Examples of interesting enterprises

12)  Aspiration to break out of poverty is common across Indian villages

13)  Interns from top B-schools who come to RangDe

14)  Open to getting international students as interns

15)  New age enterprises that we partner with

16)  Documentation of work

17)  Exploring partnership with industry

18)  Development of artisans -- an example

19)  Engaging students through networks

20)  How we plan to scale

21)  Who can be a partner, who can be an intern

22)  What students look for from the field experience


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