Monday, November 9, 2009

R. Bupathy - YouTube links

R. Bupathy


1)      Top thoughts

2)      Certainty is the issue of concern in international taxation

3)      Observations about the Vodafone case

4)      Aggressive postures by taxpayers

5)      Practical difficulties that charitable trusts face

6)      Views about the Direct Taxes Code Bill

7)      No clarity in the Code about the word branch

8)      The Code's language is simple, but it may be litigation-prone

9)      National Tax Tribunal as a measure to cope with tax litigation

10)  Large Taxpayers Unit can do better

11)  Fair value concern to be addressed to facilitate IFRS transition

12)  Benefits of moving towards IFRS

13)  Consolidation in the accounting profession

14)  Amendment to LLP regime can help the profession to scale

15)  Accounting service is becoming a commodity, and it is inevitable

16)  Consulting service offered by chartered accountants

17)  Worrying trend of dwindling numbers of chartered accountants entering practice

18)  Joining a firm vs starting a firm afresh

19)  Peer pressure, a factor behind dropping out of practice

20)  Succession planning by CA firms

21)  People in profession should not actively engage in stock market

22)  Promise of SME growth

23)  Commitment to work, one most valuable work lesson

24)  Learning can be made enjoyable

25)  Are CA firms playing the role of mentoring for the articled clerks

26)  A few techniques employed within the firm, to promote learning among apprentices

27)  On the ICAI's announcement that there will be no choice in exams

28)  Taking the exam without due preparation, a common mistake that students commit

29)  Tips for CA students on how to study taxation and other subjects


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