Sunday, November 8, 2009

N. K. Subramaniyam - YouTube links

N. K. Subramaniyam

1)      Top thoughts

2)      Customers in Tier 1 vs SMBs, in terms of data warehousing

3)      Need for data warehousing

4)      Services, solutions, and products - three categories of IT companies

5)      Implementation time reduced in the new product Verisens

6)      Reporting and BI, Reward point system - plus other areas

7)      Impact of economic crisis on Saksoft's business

8)      Technology readiness of Indian banks vs Deriving of benefits

9)      Looking back at my career, and the blend of operations and business development with technology

10)  Challenges in operations and business development

11)  Improving employability of manpower

12)  Observations about employees on site

13)  Customers demand innovative ways of solving problems

14)  What the market looks for these days

15)  Inorganic vs Organic growth

16)  I am against reducing the number of people

17)  Business development and operations should work in tandem

18)  Gap between academia and industry

19)  We must focus more on solutions and products space

20)  Emerging areas such as cloud computing

21)  Portal development

22)  Remembering my teacher

23)  One most valuable work lesson

24)  Technology can be taught, culture can be absorbed, but what is important is attitude

25)  Indicator of performance

26)  Chennai-Tirupati walk

27)  Are SMEs paying due attention to technology

28)  Example of success story

29)  Growth going forward will be different

30)  If you want to start an enterprise

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