Thursday, November 19, 2009

Murali Sivaraman

Murali Sivaraman, CEO, Philips
November 19, 2009, 2 pm (?)

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Mohana said...

Mr Murali Sivaraman, December 14, 2010
Vice Chairman & Mng.Director
7, Justice Chandra Madhab Road,
Kolkata, 700020

Dear Sir
You do not know who I am. I just happened to see your name appeared in Today’s newspaper carrying your achievements and you being taken as the new head of Philips' global business. It is very interesting to know that you have under your tutelage have taken the company once again to dizzy heights.

What attracted me is one you are young and your photo indicates your dynamic and a great leader. Second thing you happen to hail from South.

Yesterday I went to the market to buy a new LCD TV for our home. We were about to buy SONY when the shopkeeper insisted on us to go for Philips and then today I saw your news article in The Hindu.

So I consider this as good omen and wishing you the very best in life and may god give you good health, happiness and success in all that you do.

I know you must be busy with so many things but if you happen to come to Chennai anytime do come to my place for a cup to coffee.
With regards

Narayan S
S/2, 22/12, Roshni Apartments,
1st Cross, Shastri Nagar
Adyar, Chennai 600020