Sunday, November 8, 2009

MSE-NSE Event - YouTube links


1)      Domestic players have enormous ingenuity in the market

2)      Regional exchanges hold promise of growth

3)      Need to work with smaller enterprises and understand the hindrances to raising capital

4)      Importance of patience and long-term approach to investments, and financial literacy

5)      Ensuring compliance is a continuous battle

6)      Investment in IT pays for itself

7)      Woeful inadequacy of academic focus on market research

8)      Invocation

9)      What the tie-up means to MSE members (Pillai)

10)  Details about the MSE-NSE tie-up (Pillai)

11)  Beginning with ten companies (Venkateswaran)

12)  Forecast of MSE growth (Venkateswaran)

13)  Strategic partnership will lead to liquidity (Venkateswaran)

14)  Imparting knowledge about capital markets (Venkateswaran)

15)  MoU with universities (Venkateswaran)

16)  Strengths of MSE (Ravi)

17)  Financial inclusion (Ravi)

18)  Will be adding more securities on the MSE-NSE platform (Ravi)

19)  Governance of members (Ravi)

20)  Two models that exchanges have been trying out (Bhave)

21)  Investors expect settlement to function like clock-work (Bhave)

22)  Regional exchanges have to enforce settlement (Bhave)

23)  All growth is dependent on risk management and compliance (Bhave)

24)  Investor education, and spread of financial literacy (Bhave)

25)  We have a long way to go in financial literacy (Bhave)

26)  Complaints from investors about 'power of attorney' (Bhave)

27)  System solution -- Example of depository (Bhave)

28)  Grievances post public issue about refunds (Bhave)

29)  Running account with brokers (Bhave)

30)  Precautions that investors should take (Bhave)

31)  Regional exchanges should participate actively (Bhave)

32)  Ringing the MSE bell

33)  Trade begins

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