Sunday, November 8, 2009

Loyola College-NSE Event - YouTube links

Loyola College-NSE Event


1)      Changes to the traditional commerce study

2)      What the students look for

3)      Pleasantries

4)      Knowledge sharing emphasis

5)      Need for practical exposure

6)      Scope to collaborate with vocational institute

7)      One-day workshop for teachers

8)      Signing of MoU

9)      Let us not stop with MoU

10)  Variety of programmes in financial literacy

11)  Reminiscing visits to MSE

12)  Students who are involved in stock markets

13)  Role of early education about investments

14)  Can stock markets distract students from studies

15)  Observations about the younger investors

16)  Today's youngsters want success quickly

17)  Creating infrastructure for stock market education

18)  How SMEs can benefit from the markets

19)  Exchanging of MoUs

20)  Entrepreneurial ventures

21)  Exchanges all over the world are evolving rapidly


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