Sunday, November 8, 2009

Logica event - YouTube links

Logica event


1)      On the way to Logica

2)      Innovation centres designed to collaborate with customers and academia

3)      What is innovation

4)      These are live examples of where we are adding value

5)      Power of innovations to get the economy back on track

6)      Focus of this innovation centre is on transportation

7)      LIFT, a solution for container tracking

8)      Potential to create IT services when freight becomes smart

9)      Tracking equipment priced at 150 dollars per container

10)  Challenges in designing the container tracking unit

11)  Industry statistics about containers

12)  Information that can be sent from the tracking equipment

13)  Working with an European consortium to evolve a standard for container tracking

14)  Software as a service model for container tracking

15)  Benefit in the form of reduced insurance premium

16)  Emo solution to reduce vehicle emissions

17)  About the pilots that are on for the products

18)  Trying to create a collaborative ecosystem, including insurance companies

19)  Priced at 50 dollars

20)  Newer version of Emo

21)  How does Emo collect data for monitoring emissions

22)  Logica working with oil companies

23)  Fiscal measures that can stimulate green practices

24)  Vision of making car an integral part of dynamic traffic management

25)  Resources that Logica taps into for innovation

26)  Presentation of parking solution (Rakesh)

27)  To help promote efficient use of existing infrastructure (Rakesh)

28)  Tool to enhance travel experience (Rakesh)

29)  Comparison of current vs Travel Assist (Rakesh)

30)  Applications of near-field communication

31)  Timeline for innovations

32)  Generation of ideas (Abhay)

33)  Where are the manufacturing facilities likely to come up

34)  Work at the different innovation centres around the world

35)  Who can be a good candidate for the innovation centre

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