Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Knowledge Xchange - YouTube links

Knowledge Xchange

1)      Capacity creation by the Government (Basu)

2)      On the progress in the league tables (Christie)

3)      Excellence and ethics are aimed for (Christie)

4)      Corporate training programmes (Christie)

5)      Need to learn languages other than English (Christie)

6)      Discrimination against private sector should end (CSV)

7)      Difference in fee (CSV)

8)      Predominance of private sector in management education (CSV)

9)      Are MBAs getting the right jobs (CSV)

10)  Protest vs Proposal mode (CSV)

11)  Foreign competition in education (CSV)

12)  Example of Yale University (CSV)

13)  When did problems start for business schools (CSV)

14)  Section 25 entities should be allowed to set up schools (CSV)

15)  Many hostels are like slums (CSV)

16)  Accreditation should not be made compulsory -- Example of ISO dilution (CSV)

17)  Concluding remarks (CSV)

18)  Opening comments (NRM)

19)  Only problem is faculty (NRM)

20)  Competent teachers are key (NRM)

21)  Experience in National Law School, Bangalore (NRM)

22)  Demand is ten times that of graduates passing out of 14 law schools (NRM)

23)  IITs starting law schools (NRM)

24)  Origins of National Law School (NRM)

25)  Started in a temporary shed with a promised grant of Rs 50 lakh (NRM)

26)  We spent six months dreaming (NRM)

27)  Transformed legal education to justice education (NRM)

28)  Fee was set at Rs 2500, compared to Rs 40 for LLB in Delhi University (NRM)

29)  Exciting teaching (NRM)

30)  Introduced trimester system to teach 60 subjects, instead of 29 subjects as prescribed by Bar Council (NRM)

31)  Legal clinics, simulation in the school (NRM)

32)  Four lessons from the law school experience (NRM)

33)  Moderator's observations (Narayanan)

34)  Opening remarks (Chandy)

35)  Case study 1 (Chandy)

36)  Case study 2 (Chandy)

37)  Degrees vs Skills (Chandy)

38)  Corporatisation of healthcare (Chandy)

39)  Skew that statistics reveal (Chandy)

40)  Most of technology does not work all the time for the common people (Chandy)

41)  Academic medicine is changing (Chandy)

42)  CMC model (Chandy)

43)  Common issues in different streams of education (Narayanan)

44)  Committed teachers and autonomy required (Narayanan)

45)  Recruitment, remuneration of teachers (NRM)

46)  Minimum needs of teachers should be looked after (NRM)

47)  Family medicine (Chandy)


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