Sunday, November 8, 2009

Diastep - YouTube links


1)      Example of PPP in diabetes care (Vijay)

2)      About the Foundation (Mandal)

3)      Design considerations (Mandal)

4)      Trials, testing, and findings (Mandal)

5)      Problems arising from wrong footwear (Vijay)

6)      History of collaboration with CLRI (Vijay)

7)      Introductory price of Rs 1350 (Vijay)

8)      Reminiscing the CLRI days (Ramasami)

9)      Narration of the synergy arising from the collaboration (Ramasami)

10)  Anecdote about C. V. Raman's lament (Ramasami)

11)  We often fail to recognise the importance of feet (Ramasami)

12)  Prevention vs Rehabilitation (Ramasami)

13)  Pricing of product (Ramasami)

14)  Value to user comes from ingenuity in design (Ramasami)

15)  Shoes for men and women (Ramasami)

16)  Footwear has to gel with fashion, while capturing engineering excellence (Ramasami)

17)  Lessons for footwear from aerospace (Ramasami)

18)  Very few such products available globally, at affordable price (Ramasami)

19)  Observations about footwear industry (Pathak)

20)  Problems faced by the industry (Pathak)

21)  Fashion considerations of footwear customers (Pathak)

22)  Rules for collaboration (Das, Gautham)

23)  Protection of IP (Das)

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