Sunday, November 8, 2009

Andrew Harding - YouTube links

Andrew Harding


1)      Top thoughts

2)      Boardrooms have to do things differently, using finance as a strategic partner

3)      Coping with crises through better financial management

4)      Challenge for CIMA is to improve the profile of management accounting

5)      How enlightened businesses are managing costs

6)      2010 marks the introduction of CIMA's new syllabus

7)      Partnerships with academic world -- Example of LIBA

8)      Close relationship with professional bodies -- Example of ICWAI

9)      Significant numbers coming through mutual recognition agreements

10)  Employment market for CIMA professionals

11)  CIMA vs MBA

12)  Input of business in syllabus review

13)  Changes in finance and accounting over the years

14)  London School of Economics study about cycles and risk management

15)  Study of financial reporting

16)  Interaction with Government and public sector

17)  Examples of work in SE Asia and the Gulf

18)  Advice to CIMA students

19)  Performance of Indian CIMA students

20)  IFRS challenges should not be underestimated

21)  2009 was a year of great change for CIMA

22)  Year ahead is going to be exciting for CIMA

23)  Is there support to students in languages other than English

24)  Demand for CIMA qualification in non-English speaking countries

25)  Transferability of jobs between industrialised and emerging economies

26)  What is key for the growth of emerging economies

27)  Observations about online learning

28)  Requirements of SMBs during economic crisis

29)  Finance professionals are increasingly required to demonstrate soft skills

30)  Delivering value in manufacturing and service enterprises

31)  Short term vs long term wins for finance professionals

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