Monday, October 19, 2009

Vinay Agrrawal - YouTube links

Vinay Agrrawal


1)      Before recruiting we make candidates work with us

2)      Best way to reach rural masses is not SMS but through voice

3)      Diversity is a key ingredient in our teams

4)      How a bank's chief could see live the customers' feedback

5)      How SMS solution helped an FMCG company - case study

6)      How Unicel fosters entrepreneurship among youngsters

7)      On Unicel's growth and targets

8)      Our differentiation is the end-to-end solution for enterprises

9)      Our product integrates with a whole array of platforms

10)  We are building capacity to deliver over 20 million SMS a daY

11)  We look for people who can take ownership of the product

12)  We make enough revenues now to think of churning new busines

13)  What can be the solutions for farmers, schools

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