Monday, October 19, 2009

Vijay Govindarajan - YouTube links

Vijay Govindarajan


1)      Incredible change in impressions about India that global executive program participants experience

2)      Message of Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev on self-awareness

3)      We don't need innovation in financial services

4)      It is good news for India - with regard to three types of impact of global meltdown

5)      Satyam, a wake-up call for Indian companies and the Government

6)      Innovation has become more important today

7)      My agenda in GE continues to be innovation but the times have changed dramatically

8)      My next work is about executing innovation in large companies

9)      With one bad news after another, most people have become numb to headlines

10)  What I admire about Obama

11)  Business is a force for the good and the challenge is to restore confidence in enterprise

12)  Conversations within campuses are different now

13)  Remembering my teacher....

14)  How do I lift the ambition of students and get them to push boundaries

15)  Boundarylessness is very inherent in human beings

16)  Problem in the media world

17)  It is important to write, 'In Search of Excellence in India'

18)  What I look for in a new recruit

19)  Irritability is a signal that tell me there is a problem

20)  The younger generation suffers from having too much but they are connected more with the environment

21)  Today's students have a greater knowledge-base and we need to keep them motivated

22)  How I define values

23)  Lesson for leaders on how to face a crisis - the eBay case

24)  Sustaining organisational culture when growing in size - the MindTree example

25)  Performance to me is the impact I make on students

26)  The next 24 months can be a difficult period of uncertainty

27)  Inspiring youngsters has become even more important

28)  Role of the leader is to harness the imagination of youngsters - the Infosys model

29)  Diplomacy should be given a chance, rather than military escalation

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