Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ved Jain - YouTube links

Ved Jain


1)      Biggest challenge facing the accounting profession

2)      On the new Companies Bill

3)      Is one year too short a tenure for President

4)      How have I fared on my metrics

5)      Coming up with Internal Auditing Standards

6)      What makes me tick

7)      Research potential in accountancy profession

8)      How research helps

9)      On per capita income

10)  Is India calling the shots in global forums

11)  CAs getting better paid in India

12)  Largeness of firms helps

13)  MDP and LLP

14)  Load on CA student is too much

15)  Three-month residential course

16)  Plans for Diamond Jubilee celebrations

17)  ICAI's interactions with State Governments

18)  Infrastructure additions in progress

19)  More girls joining the CA course

20)  What difference the qualification makes to economic status

21)  When it became necessary to reiterate the first principles

22)  On the recent controversy - AS 11 vs Schedule VI

23)  Linkages with colleges and schools

24)  CA students can wish their principals 'Happy Teachers Day'

25)  Is accounting under pressure during slowdown

26)  New facilities for CA students

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