Sunday, October 11, 2009

V. Vijaya Kumar - YouTube links

1)      New projects soon

2)      Balancing business and acting

3)      Strengths of Tamil movie industry

4)      How 'recession' has impacted Indian consumer mind-set

5)      Unpredictability of consumer electronics market does lead to confusion in choice

6)      Dealers face challenges in stocking multiple brands and models

7)      Why the popularity of hire-purchase system has declined

8)      Interest vs Processing fees

9)      Advice to youngsters who dream of working in movies

10)  How to develop acting skills

11)  Story of how I got into cine field

12)  What I do to get the feedback of common people watching movies

13)  New initiatives in business as a second-generation entrepreneur

14)  Do the big-format retail stores suit Indian conditions

15)  Branch expansion plan in Tamil Nadu

16)  My views about Woodbury

17)  Relevance of Woodbury format to India

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