Tuesday, October 20, 2009

V. Pattabhi Ram 2008 - YouTube links

V. Pattabhi Ram


1)      On how we will do the ranking of CA firms in 2009

2)      On the communication skills of CA students

3)      Should the ICAI monitor if CAs update themselves continually

4)      To me, writing is a matter of joy

5)      Today, many are entering the CA course as a matter of choice

6)      What should investors now do

7)      What will be the impact of the current economic crisis on jobs

8)      A few tips for CA students appearing for the coming exams

9)      Complex financial instruments should have been used wisely

10)  First lesson is that size is no longer an insurance against

11)  Have annual reports become unwieldy

12)  How can finance be made interesting as a subject

13)  How far can professional accountants be held responsible

14)  How should CA exams be when the study load is heavy on students

15)  Is it worrying that not many are opting to take up CA practice

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