Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thangam Meganathan - YouTube links

Thangam Meganathan


1)      Every third year students are different

2)      Industry interaction needed when framing syllabus

3)      Adjunct teachers drawn from the industry

4)      Do corporates take educational institutions lightly

5)      A perspective on placement

6)      Impact of slowdown on placement

7)      Rural vs urban students

8)      School level English going down

9)      Free residential programmes to improve soft skills

10)  How do we help students from Tamil medium

11)  Look at education as a service industry

12)  Adding value is the major challenge

13)  We have a lady teacher who has served in the army

14)  Nokia, Mando asking us for a certificate course

15)  Plus and minus of the young generation

16)  Three things that children look for when entering

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