Sunday, October 11, 2009

Susan Hyland, George Langley - YouTube links

1)      Products that we want to bring to India

2)      How does Harmony work

3)      Cultural differences in geographies -- Examples

4)      Indian market moves incredibly quickly

5)      People mistake CRM or Data warehouse as the corporate view of customer

6)      Rules of social behaviour and their relevance to understanding customers

7)      Importance of customer focus in a downturn

8)      Cleaning up electoral rolls -- Australian example

9)      Achieving success in direct marketing -- Example of telecom

10)  Observations about corporate governance difficulties in financial institutions

11)  Problems that arise because customer data reside in different business silos

12)  CRM, ERP and Data warehousing are great repositories of information but getting a single customer view goes beyond these

13)  A perspective on 'single view of customer'

14)  Examples of unique ID -- Australian tax and Ontario health departments

15)  Social rules and contexts have changed, not the problems of organisations

16)  What's exciting in product development and research in software

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