Monday, October 19, 2009

Srinivas Kandula - YouTube links

Srinivas Kandula


1)      Downsizing is a symptom of mismanagement

2)      Strategy is a commodity whereas execution is an art

3)      Why do managers focus on strategy at the cost of execution

4)      Most analytical explanations end up as alibis for non-performance

5)      Competitive culture vs collaborative culture

6)      Who is a good leader

7)      How the media should present leadership

8)      Common man knows which is the right company

9)      Build positive psychological capital in employees

10)  Cribbing is directly proportional to negative energy in the office

11)  Four principles of execution excellence

12)  Employee bonding comes from a common cause, not group activities

13)  Good communication does not mean good performance

14)  Pay attention to those dumb people who create real wealth

15)  Remembering my teacher who made me continue studies

16)  Free will vs Destiny

17)  Finest methods of inventory management get applied to managing people

18)  One signal of a problem is when everybody accepts anything

19)  Integrated approach to managing people

20)  Competency framework should enable self-actualisation

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