Saturday, October 17, 2009

Srini Nageshwar - YouTube links

Srini Nageshwar


1)      Four disadvantages that are slowing down India's growth

2)      Management by Walking Around, and other healthy practices

3)      Observations about the young generation

4)      92 per cent of the country processes in the native language

5)      Glorious opportunity for IT companies to develop Indian language apps

6)      Struggling to connect with IIT alumni

7)      We need a game-changing approach to tackle our bigger problems

8)      Apathy of teachers towards computers in school

9)      The shared services model

10)  There are so many things to do....

11)  Earliest instance of applying calculation to the body

12)  Math vs statistics in the study of autonomic nervous system

13)  Lot more engineering and analysis needed in healthcare

14)  Key considerations in designing medical equipments

15)  Art in science and vice versa

16)  Keep your mind young to age wisely

17)  PC is an extremely unfriendly technology

18)  Technology should be unobtrusive

19)  At the right place at the right time

20)  Connectivity helps us develop products in Chennai

21)  Media in the US vs India

22)  Remembering my teacher

23)  A success story

24)  From IIT-Madras we can establish 3-4 companies every year

25)  Difficulty in setting up a business in India

26)  Financial markets not geared for start-ups

27)  On home-design

28)  Marketing initiatives through Trivitron

29)  Handheld ECG Monitor with mobile phone-type keypad

30)  It is possible to make medical equipment affordable

31)  Healthcare and education, two big areas for work


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