Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Society of Auditors - YouTube links

Society of Auditors


1)      Why should CAs be asked to file a declaration

2)      ICAI should publish a research periodical

3)      High registration but low attendance in ICAI's CPE programme

4)      Institute should recognise other bodies for CPE

5)      A new regulation from the ICAI

6)      Overview of the regulations

7)      Foundations students vs graduates

8)      Questions that the new articled student asks

9)      Problems with CPT candidates

10)  Accounting Technicians

11)  Is there a role for Accounting Technicians

12)  Communicate to all the Council Members

13)  IFRS

14)  Does India need IFRS convergence

15)  Council should lay the strategy for the President

16)  How to identify dummy articles

17)  There are many bogus firms

18)  Cut the formality frills

19)  Senior members should participate as faculty

20)  Why it became necessary to introduce 'Accounting Technician'

21)  Long-term strategy needed

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