Saturday, October 17, 2009

Siva Nathan - YouTube links

Siva Nathan


1)      Plan for the Study Abroad programme for students

2)      Remembering my teacher

3)      A thought from Bhaja Govindam

4)      Don't look for loopholes

5)      On crude prices

6)      New content in the Financial Analysis course

7)      Solution is in terms of management, not accounting

8)      Incentive system was another problem

9)      How will India and the US be affected by the meltdown

10)  Urge to engineer earnings may increase

11)  Credit card crisis coming up

12)  This is not an accounting crisis

13)  When will the recessionary phase end

14)  Detecting earnings management

15)  Detecting fraud

16)  Who has gained from the crisis

17)  US is making good progress in IFRS convergence

18)  Media has oversold the role of Government as saviour

19)  Check if the company has enough cash to survive for a year

20)  Top priority for companies is to conserve cash

21)  There is a paralysis of decision-making

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