Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shankar Jaganathan - YouTube links

Shankar Jaganathan


1)      A book born out of teaching engineers in Indian Institute of Science

2)      Lessons from the history of corporate reporting

3)      Have companies ever lost out because of disclosures

4)      Indian companies report, the best global companies communicate

5)      Wienerberger, the epitome of balanced communication

6)      Do we need a new group of specialists to demystify corporate disclosures

7)      Tracing corporate origins to 1553 AD

8)      Level of corporate disclosures has significantly increased over time

9)      What caused the financial failures we now see

10)  Anglo-Saxon model vs Scandinavian model

11)  IFRS convergence, a progress in the right direction

12)  Two factors behind the birth of accounting standards

13)  My favourite section in the book - The Fourth Battle for....

14)  Do we need real-time corporate financial reporting

15)  Can corporates be instruments of social change - my next book

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