Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shailesh H. Mehta - YouTube links

Shailesh H. Mehta


1)      What GurukulOnline does

2)      Our work for ICSI

3)      CFP course for accounting professionals

4)      Physical vs virtual classroom

5)      Audio-based training to tackle bandwidth issue

6)      What should Indian investors now do

7)      eLearning initiatives of the Government

8)      Distance learning institutions should adopt eLearning

9)      On giving eLearning content to TV channels

10)  eLearning is student-centric

11)  We have students from abroad

12)  Growth in the number of students taking up eLearning

13)  Benefits of online MBA

14)  Future is loaded in favour of eLearning

15)  Investment course we'll be launching shortly

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