Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sampath Ramanujan - YouTube links

1)      Economy and liberty should be among security considerations

2)      Importance of aviation security

3)      Security measures in aircraft, post terror attacks

4)      How is uniformity of aviation security ensured

5)      Role of CISF

6)      Strategic vs Tactical intelligence

7)      Machine engineering vs Manpower, proportion in intelligence

8)      Domestic vs International, in terms of airline passenger screening

9)      Talent not getting attracted to security industry

10)  On educational courses meant for aviation security personnel

11)  Needed, Departments of Security, in universities

12)  An economical and effective approach to creating security consciousness

13)  We have to go to concepts that have their origins elsewhere, when tackling security issues

14)  Uniformed person is not the only one responsible for security

15)  Challenges to corporate security

16)  Rules governing private security

17)  Risks when VIPs travel economy class

18)  Scare vs Security consciousness, example of a businessman

19)  Women are more security conscious, and are good at details

20)  As individuals we may be good, but as a society we have missed the bus somewhere

21)  On the practice of visiting VIPs using their own security personnel

22)  Two categories of humanity, those working for Government and the rest

23)  Public vs Private sector, common perceptions

24)  Unmonitored private sector responsible for the economic crisis

25)  Forms through which we can achieve governance of corporates

26)  Gurdjieff, JK, Aurobindo, Osho, Ramana -- Explorations into philosophy

27)  Understanding Ramana's message

28)  Two books that I am currently writing

29)  How will security be in future

30)  Holistic approach to security required

31)  VIPs and Security

32)  Observations about media coverage of security

33)  Knowledge management, the inspiration behind the company

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