Sunday, October 4, 2009

S. Shankar - YouTube links

Subramonian Shankar

Products architected in US, implemented in Chennai, and deployed in Far East

Brand recognition vs Revenues, in technology industry

How American Megatrends got into BIOS development

Development of first PC clone in India, Charlie from MMC

Subroto Bagchi, my colleague in MMC, wrote an impressive PC manual

What got me interested in microprocessors

Intelligent energy meter -- a project that I worked on in the 1970s

Staying power is hard to come by in high-tech industry

Changes in technology that are evolutionary, rather than revolutionary

Managed services, as an extension of our experience with server management

Discovering nodes, finding their properties, identifying what are to be managed -- concepts are similar

Power-pack for cell phones -- challenge of standardisation

Vehicle tracking unit -- difficulty in adapting it to different models

Example of standardising cell phone charger

Global economy shifting from waste and inefficiency to conservation

Getting into services area is easier than starting a products enterprise

We lack on hardware base to support the software industry

Working with public sector companies in India, rather than with Government

We are not directly a defence-oriented company

Geomatics -- three-dimensional mapping application for cities

Education has to ensure that students master the fundamentals

Brain-drain, a perspective

Entrepreneurship is far stronger today

Idea creation, productisation, creating a healthy company

Why MMC could not capitalise on technology

The problem of piracy

Battling piracy at the manufacturer's end

A product for saving data automatically

Information collected for server management

Possibility of health management by measuring human parameters

Privacy issue in getting people to undergo a medical check-up

Observations about media coverage of technology

Thought about going public

On succession planning

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