Sunday, October 18, 2009

Robert Dutile - YouTube links

Robert Dutile


1)      Opening remarks

2)      We need to be more nimble

3)      Challenges currently faced

4)      We in the US have to remember how fortunate we are

5)      Work on packaged applications

6)      Clients, including the recent ones

7)      Solutions for manufacturing

8)      What are we doing for financial services

9)      Remembering my History teacher

10)  Focus on people key in organisations

11)  Downsizing is a failure of management  

12)  Productive people enjoy what they do

13)  Pay attention to what people do

14)  How managers can resolve conflicts

15)  Theory of constraints put to work

16)  What is strategy

17)  The next generation is off to a great start

18)  What I'd love to teach

19)  Video-conferencing in the company

20)  How to foster innovation

21)  Strategy has to be directionally correct

22)  Consulting biz is a success story

23)  Factors in the stock option design

24)  Managing a global footprint


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