Saturday, October 17, 2009

R. Shekar - YouTube links

R. Shekar

1) On the origin of Shekarsan
2) Any company is like a 'wet towel'
3) Four identities at workplace you may have to grow beyond
4) You can choose what you want to be
5) The current slowing down may be seen as slimming down
6) We need Business Commandoes, the Corporate Gladiators
7) Are we picking up signals of technical bankruptcy
8) Businesses need to discover how self-sustaining they are
9) Corporate governance is 'maintenance activity'
10) A fundamental flaw with CSR
11) On the business communication effectiveness course for IIT
12) Coach is like a gardener
13) Remembering my teacher
14) Let's stop celebrating cheap victories
15) Can India produce its due share of CXOs
16) Bid for the impossible - an anecdote
17) The 80-20 rule for time management
18) THR or targeted heart rate explained
19) Irresponsibility is the number one sin
20) How 'sweat portfolio' is important
21) Do students get to interact with the achievers
22) It's a sacrilege not to respect nature
23) Functionality vs fashion
24) Whole families sustain themselves at less than Rs 200 a month

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