Tuesday, October 20, 2009

R. Nagarajan - YouTube links

R. Nagarajan


1)      Rural technology initiatives

2)      As a collective entity PanIIT is among the top 5 in the world

3)      We expect 5000 people to be on campus during PanIIT 2008

4)      An outline of the research track in PanIIT 2008

5)      Outcomes from previous PanIITs

6)      I'm a reluctant IITian who likes writing

7)      Mixed signals from the way media portrays IITs

8)      Have IITians paid back very little to the society

9)      Two views on whether IITs should be media savvy

10)  Reasons why research in India lags behind

11)  Superstars among the plenary speakers in PanIIT 2008

12)  Entertainment line-up at PanIIT 2008

13)  Registration details for PanIIT 2008 Global Conference

14)  IIT Madras connection strong in Silicon Valley

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