Tuesday, October 20, 2009

R. Kannan - YouTube links

R. Kannan


1)      Why is career management important

2)      Parental pressure has reduced

3)      Our research studies

4)      Where is slowdown happening in workforce engagement

5)      Correction likely in the placement pay packets

6)      How I authored 'Taking Charge of Your Career'

7)      Workforce, the only renewable form of asset

8)      Three distinct areas of engagement

9)      Corporate initiatives that look at the future workforce

10)  Careersmart, for college students

11)  We're talking to mobile operators to offer career-related services

12)  Remembering my XLRI professor and his book

13)  Why investing in oneself is important

14)  Basic life skills

15)  An effort to improve employability

16)  Can adherence to values be assessed

17)  Why it is necessary to develop assessment models tailored to organisations

18)  When people take ownership for what they do...

19)  Should performance appraisal be cited when downsizing

20)  Can entrepreneurial attributes be assessed

21)  Compensation is only one factor at work

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