Monday, October 19, 2009

Prashanth Palakurthi - YouTube links

Prashanth Palakurthi


1)      Always surround yourself with people who are smarter than you

2)      Big challenge for managers is to set a lofty goal

3)      Challenge that Indian retailers face

4)      Doing business in the US and Europe - a comparison

5)      Hiring a physical trainer has helped me and my company

6)      How different is a products company employee from the one in services

7)      Ignore the whiners, they consume your time

8)      More Indian companies have to sell the 'finished product'

9)      Our first customer in India is Pantaloon

10)  We understand retail better than anything else

11)  Persistence trumps

12)  Remembering my maths teachers in BITS, Pilani

13)  Success stories of Reflexis in US retail

14)  Technology should help sales people be knowledgeable

15)  There are lots of new ways of dealing with Autism


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