Friday, October 16, 2009

Paul Basil - YouTube links

Paul Basil


1)      Top thoughts

2)      Expectations of investors in social enterprises

3)      Profit not a dirty word when serving the poor

4)      A view on corporate philanthropy

5)      Need for a blend of altruism and market-based approach

6)      Has religion influenced development work

7)      Customisation that geographical differences demand

8)      Factors behind the success of social enterprises

9)      Social enterprises take longer to scale

10)  Can social enterprises become redundant

11)  Is there family support to youngsters who want to be entrepreneurs

12)  CSR as a cautious route to new markets

13)  Positives in the social initiatives of corporates

14)  Current projects

15)  What is innovation

16)  Creating lasting value requires entrepreneurial mind

17)  Examples of innovation

18)  Challenge for any innovator is to experience the user's problems

19)  Support of Government can accelerate the work of social enterprises

20)  Possibility of customisation of tax policy

21)  Relevance of social enterprises in developed vs developing countries

22)  Giving a product at one rupee vs offering things free

23)  Importance of third-party audit and assessment of impact

24)  The Jive experience in Kerala, with pineapple farmers

25)  Farmers working with traders

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