Sunday, October 11, 2009

A. P. S. Bhalla - YouTube links

1)      Impact of economic crisis on Indian insurance industry

2)      How has been the FDI performance in the company

3)      Conservatism in business approach

4)      My journey began as a door-to-door salesman

5)      Trigger behind my joining Max New York

6)      Rural vs Urban consumer

7)      Look at tax benefits as a bonus when buying insurance

8)      Agents are trained to be the first field underwriters when evaluating any business proposal

9)      Primary purpose of the insurance policy should be to safeguard family's requirements

10)  Common myths about insurance policy

11)  Maintaining the life insurance policy is critical

12)  Insure your life as early as possible

13)  Financial planning should be part of college curriculum

14)  Even when living in a joint family or working in joint business, life insurance can help

15)  Life insurance should be made mandatory and awareness campaigns must be continuous

16)  Punjabi food in Chennai -- my favourite eateries

17)  Need for insurance (in Punjabi)

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