Tuesday, October 20, 2009

P. Kishore - YouTube links

P. Kishore


1)      What inspired me to become an entrepreneur

2)      My business model

3)      Background that helped

4)      Most memorable experience

5)      How SBI helped with funding

6)      Experience with IDBI

7)      Never had any obstacles

8)      The BOOT model

9)      IPO story

10)  Two triggers for success

11)  Goal is to be in the top 10 globally

12)  Something at the back of the mind....

13)  There are only two measures of education

14)  Technology can make a difference to learning delivery

15)  Success stories

16)  Low employability levels, a national shame

17)  Education needs national icons

18)  3G can make a big difference

19)  A new-generation software to be launched on Pongal

20)  Cricket and music teaching

21)  Teaching about volcano

22)  Rating of teaching quality needed

23)  How I keep in touch with customers

24)  What my customers look for the most

25)  Courses driven by employer needs

26)  Origin of company name

27)  Financial metric I'd like to improve

28)  Innovative stock options

29)  Corporate values

30)  A perspective on the rural vs urban student

31)  The opportunity is ahead of us

32)  Research and Training Park in Ooty

33)  Remembering early days....

34)  Off the record - Buying university

35)  Edutainment - the future

36)  Industry endorsement of education products

37)  We are making teachers' job easier

38)  Media and education

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