Tuesday, October 20, 2009

P. Anandan - YouTube links

P. Anandan


1)      How transparency leads to credibility in academia

2)      Why am I a researcher

3)      What does Microsoft Research do

4)      Who makes a good researcher

5)      Essential traits of a researcher

6)      Self-imposed deadlines help the researcher

7)      Metrics in research

8)      There's a lot of misunderstanding about patents

9)      Patenting is a strategic business decision

10)  TechVista is free for students

11)  Wish the media gave more coverage to researchers

12)  What draws me to African drumming

13)  Remembering the teacher who developed my math skills

14)  Do the young make good researchers

15)  Today's kids know a lot more

16)  On MSR's collaboration with academia

17)  Primary benefit of TechVista

18)  Quantity of research in India far below potential

19)  Sources of talent for Microsoft Research

20)  Wannabe researchers should look beyond financial rewards

21)  Where India is second to none in research

22)  How the Government can promote research

23)  Can research potential be identified early on

24)  Any impact of the global financial crisis on MSR

25)  Trends in research

26)  We collaborate with science research

27)  Exciting things happening in Microsoft Research

28)  How to motivate a researcher

29)  I have four kinds of days....

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