Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nissan Plant visit - YouTube links


On the road to the plant-1

On the road to the plant-2

On the road to the plant-3

On the road to the plant-4

What Indian car buyers can look forward to in the near term (S. Muralidhar)

Roads unfriendly to users  (S. Muralidhar)

Cut, cut (S. Muralidhar)

Implications of tie up between auto companies (S. Muralidhar)

Manufacturing operations in Chennai (T. Murrali)

Power, a matter of top concern for manufacturers (T. Murrali)

Entering the campus

Presentation begins (Akira Sakurai)

Water management (Akira Sakurai)

Layout explained (Akira Sakurai)

Capabilities (Akira Sakurai)

On export line (Akira Sakurai)

Within the campus-1

Within the campus-2

Capacities of the shop (Biju Balendran)

Clarifying a point (Kou Kimura)

Within the campus-3

Within the campus-4

Inside the shop-1

Features of the construction (S. Muralidhar)

Inside the shop-2

Possible movements (Biju Balendran)

Flexibility in the assembly line (Biju Balendran)

Within the campus-Sapling planted by MK Stalin

Impressions about Chennai (in Portuguese, Fernando Menezes)

Brazil-India comparisons (Fernando Menezes)

Experience of working in Japan (Fernando Menezes)

Sales performance (Colin Dodge)

Projections (Colin Dodge)

New technologies (Colin Dodge)

Comparisons (Andy Palmer)

International markets (Colin Dodge)

Share of global demand (Colin Dodge)

Change from the previous platforms (Andy Palmer)

China experience (Colin Dodge)

Regional distribution in India (Colin Dodge)

A short observation (Colin Dodge)

Role of partners (Kiminobu Tokuyama)

Advantage of local player (Colin Dodge)

Aim to build network in 5 years (Gilles Normand)

Retail operations through relationship

Benefits of having partner

Brand building exercise (Gilles Normand)

Suzuki vs the technology players (Colin Dodge)

Observations about the Indian market (Gilles Normand)

Investment in electric vehicle technology (Andy Palmer)

Aspirations of Indian consumer (Nitish Tipnis)

Chennai to be the major exporting base (Gilles Normand)

Small cars (Andy Palmer)

Car production patterns (Colin Dodge)

Business is risk-taking (Colin Dodge)

Risks that have paid off (Colin Dodge)

Collaborations with other auto makers (Andy Palmer)

Approaches to fuel efficiency (Andy Palmer)

Sourcing details (Colin Dodge)

LCV developments (Andy Palmer)

Definition of LCV (Andy Palmer)

Do auto manufacturers successfully decode the Indian consumer's mind (S. Muralidhar)

Can I have something quick (Colin Dodge)

My role as Chief Recovery Officer (Colin Dodge)

Top priorities (Colin Dodge)

Revenues from North America (Colin Dodge)

Demands of the dynamics (Colin Dodge)

India-China comparison (Colin Dodge)

Amazing speed in China (Colin Dodge)

Decision making in China (Colin Dodge)

No traffic jam in China (Colin Dodge)

Limitations of local car makers (Colin Dodge)

Art of selling automobiles (T. Murrali)

Focus is on expanding dealer network (Nitish Tipnis)

Plans to score over competition (Nitish Tipnis)

Brand vs Brand ambassador

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On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 6:51 PM, Amit Govind

Dear Mr. Murali,

I am Suryakant colleague in Mumbai and responsible for Nissan in India at Perfect Relations.

It would be our sincere request, if it would be possible for you to remove these links as we have received this request directly from Mr.Dodge’s office.

I will be extremely grateful to you for your help and timely co operation in this regard.

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As per our conversation sometime back on Nissan below is the main link and under the main link these are the links which captures Mr Collin Dodge while eating .

Please chk if its possible to remove these links.


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