Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nishanth Chandran - YouTube links

1)      My journey

2)      Growth of EBS

3)      Our value proposition for merchants

4)      Ecommerce in India

5)      Investment required of small businesses when launching ecommerce facility

6)      Do we have the right policies to promote ecommerce

7)      Impact of the need for extra password in ecommerce impacting turnover

8)      Hacker forum on the Internet with card information

9)      Age distribution of ecommerce users

10)  With orientation and guidance more people will be able to benefit from ecommerce

11)  IVR payment gateway

12)  Impact of recession on online sales

13)  Kiosk payment

14)  Touch-payment system

15)  KYC in ecommerce

16)  Loyalty programme facilitated through mobile number identification

17)  Observations about competition and tie-ups

18)  Looking for acquisitions

19)  Promotion of EBS as a brand

20)  Difficult to track ecommerce fraudsters

21)  Blocking countries as a way to mitigate fraud

22)  Intrusion detection through screening

23)  Server on lunch-break -- an anecdote

24)  Precautions for online users

25)  No need for panic in ecommerce transactions

26)  Best practices that merchants follow

27)  Pay attention to retain customers

28)  Entrepreneurship is easier now than earlier

29)  Product vs Service, in IT

30)  Nasscom's support for product companies

31)  How should students choose the apt course to pursue

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