Wednesday, October 21, 2009

N. Anantha Padmanaban - YouTube links

N. Anantha Padmanaban


1)      Family businesses have to corporatise

2)      All India Gem and Jewellery Trade Federation

3)      Where family businesses are strong

4)      Is there demand for Indian jewellery abroad

5)      Focus on the needs of the trade

6)      Labour is not rewarded enough

7)      Gold coins vs gold jewellery

8)      Movement in gold prices

9)      Women want readymade jewellery

10)  The young prefer lightweight jewellery

11)  Scope for expansion in tier-2, 3 towns and villages

12)  How brand building helps in the industry

13)  Customer satisfaction is essential

14)  Consolidation likely in the industry

15)  Government help needed to boost jewellery exports

16)  How should your investment portfolio be

17)  Gold, diamond, platinum

18)  Reading the markets

19)  Too early for IPO

20)  Reaching the masses through advertising

21)  Gold has to be positioned as a fashion accessory

22)  A story I remember....

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