Sunday, October 11, 2009

Milan Saini - YouTube links

1)      Top thought is to launch Cinepolis across India, fast

2)      Why did it take so long for Cinepolis to enter India

3)      What attracted me to Cinepolis

4)      Observations about Indian entertainment industry

5)      Do personal entertainment devices threaten the success of cinema theatres

6)      Policy changes required for the growth of the cinema industry

7)      Focus of Cinepolis is on exhibition

8)      First set of screens to come in Amritsar, then 500 screens in 7 years

9)      Looking at brand-new malls for launching our screens

10)  Steadily climbing in global ranking

11)  Mexico and other countries where Cinepolis is present

12)  Similarities with other markets in terms of cinema evolution

13)  Ticket pricing levels in India are comfortable

14)  Requisites in malls to attract customers for screens

15)  Scope for Indian movie content to be shown in Mexico, and vice versa

16)  Growth in screen numbers despite economic slowdown

17)  Revenue proposition for developers

18)  Cinema distribution in India is fragmented

19)  Change in cinema economics brought about by technology developments

20)  Education initiative for school children

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