Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mathrubootham A - YouTube links

Mathrubootham A


1)      How I started my company

2)      Impact of slowdown on recruitment

3)      Top thought is about financial stability

4)      Work we did for BCCI

5)      Media should address the practical issues of HR

6)      Behavioural and organisational skills of HR keenly wanted

7)      HR-oriented organisations attract people

8)      Role of HR in family-owned businesses

9)      Strong HR function can balance manpower needs

10)  Entrepreneurial skill is the most in demand

11)  Sectors vulnerable to recession

12)  Foreign universities adopt a professional approach to enlist students

13)  What should colleges do to improve the employability of students

14)  Students should effectively use computers for self-development

15)  Earn and learn, the best way for students

16)  Hiring from colleges rather than from the market - an example

17)  Diversity is becoming common now and it does help

18)  On hiring expats and returning Indians

19)  Culture shock for Indians going abroad

20)  Today's younger generation has a global mindset

21)  Remembering my teacher

22)  Plans for the future

23)  Mindset is key for time management

24)  Belief comes only when you show results in action

25)  New employee today can see through the organisation

26)  Innovation tip - Read and implement

27)  How to reap job satisfaction

28)  Does the foreign job still hold its lure

29)  What should you consider before leaving a job to become an entrepreneur

30)  Do job portals help

31)  Why online job portals should go to colleges

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