Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Martin Strand and Mukul Bhatia - YouTube links

Martin Strand & Mukul Bhatia


1)      Secret of Finnish success

2)      Growth rates

3)      We have not directly worked with any Indian customers

4)      Who are Citec India's customers

5)      How big is Citec India in the global pie

6)      Environmental impact assessment work

7)      Who's been the oldest customer for Citec

8)      Any PPP projects

9)      The split between engineering and information services

10)  There are synergies among our verticals

11)  Our focus is on engineering services

12)  Potential for nuclear power biz

13)  Citec Academy for training engineers

14)  On the growth of the company over the years

15)  On talent crunch

16)  Revenue projections

17)  Difference between Finnish and Indian cultures (in Finnish)

18)  Comparison between Swedish and Finnish cultures (in Swedish)

19)  Energy saving solutions

20)  On deals

21)  M&A scene in Finland

22)  Finnish companies in India, and vice versa

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